This is a wonderfully warm encouraging and aspiring karate club who I have recommended to many already. All 3 of my sons have trained from the age of 6 to now 13 years old. Initially, we enrolled them starting primary school to help with skills such as listening and following instructions in a larger group as well as physical skills such as coordination and core strength, etc. Little did we know that 7 years later all 3 boys would be such enthusiastic avid members of the EKK family and have all developed so much more than personal fitness and self defence. As well as having fun, they have taken on board values such as discipline, perseverance and confidence translating to all areas of child’s development and life. Such a great club that I am thinking of joining the adult classes too! Thank you Enzo, Sara and all the senses for everything over the years and many more to come hopefully!
— Mrs K

The first day Shalanee started, she cried because she felt the odd one out without her Gi. However within minutes, that was it, she was part of England Karate Kan family. What I particularly like is the instructors are fun but serious and firm, a good combination for children to learn. She started at 6 years old, 2 years gone she is a purple and black belt and in the kumuti squad. I’ve watched Shalanee open up in her class into a little danger mouse fighter, and learning karate, building her confidence, self control, discipline and respect. You clearly see the difference as the children progress. Her Sensei, Enzo, is always watching his children and there is no room for nonsense.
— Vimla

I joint EKK in April 2016 from recommendation from my sister. My girls previously were attending our local karate club which was a 5 minute walk from my house, unfortunately I didn’t find they were progressing and they didn’t seem to enjoy the classes. I didn’t want them to lose interest in karate as self-defence is very important, so I came for a trail (even though I was concerned about the distance). The girls loved it! I could see that the coaching was totally different, the club was organised and the teachers do not only teach the children the moves but also explain or demonstrate the reason for various stances and positions. As they learn new technics they continue to expand their knowledge and understanding of “why” and “when” these positions would be used in self-defence. They learn “respect”, “discipline” and all the behaviours associated with karate.

The teachers are all approachable and always willing to go over techniques. Everyone learns at their own pace and there is no pressure set on any individual, other than to do your best.

My girls (6 & 8 years old) now have their own goals and are determined to make it to the squad and take part in competitions. I have also joined the adult club and my goal is to join my girls in the journey towards black belt. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn and share an interest together as a family.

I recommend this club to anyone that wants to learn karate (no matter what age). The club sells itself, they are dedicated to teach and are firm but fun. If you are reading my post you are considering the club, so you have got nothing to lose by booking a trial and seeing for yourself. I am glad I did.
— Anj