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4th Dan
I started karate at the age of 23 studying kyokushin for 2 years until work and family took priority. 20 plus years later I started taking my kids to train with Sensei Enzo and after a few months of watching them decided to start training again at the ripe old age of 46. I got hooked and now 16 years later I'm still part of a great association which is,      

Sensei Dan

4th Dan
Danny's first taste of martial arts was when he was in his early teens where he studied Judo. Then at the time of the 'Bruce Lee Boom' Danny began to study Wu Shu Kwan Kung Fu after being like many people at this time heavily influenced by the legendary Bruce Lee. Danny then began to study Wado Ryu Karate in 1992 and achieved 1st Dan Black Belt in 2000. Danny joined England Karate Kan in 2003 and began studying Shito Ryu Karate in 2006. In 2006 Danny opened a Karate club in Croydon with his son Michael and in 2008 Danny achieved his 2nd Dan. In 2013 Danny achieved his 3rd Dan.

Sensei Sara.jpg

Sensei Sara

I started karate about 16 years ago when my father introduced it to me as a hobby. I then progressed over the past 5 years in becoming a fully trained instructor so that I could be able to teach full time. It has become an incredibly rewarding career and I feel incredibly proud of each student when I see them achieve the next level in their karate experience. I have also experienced the competing/sports side of karate which helped me achieve a silver and gold in Kata.

EKK Sensei Colin

Sensei Colin

4th Dan
Sensei Colin first began Shotokan training with Sensei Jim Hele, he found the experienced instructor would nearly always wait until he felt you had nothing left to give, and then say something in Japanese followed by ”One more time”; this phrase roughly translated into japanese as Mo-ichido. 

Sensei Michael

4th Dan

Sensei Paolo

2nd Dan

EKK Sensei Siva

Sensei Siva

1st Dan

Sensei Chris.jpg

Sensei Chris

1st Dan