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England Karate Kan is an independent karate association founded in 2003. In the past we have been affiliated to National Governing Bodies, but recently with the number of organisations claiming to be just that, and imposing restrictions on clubs and associations to restrict their relationship to other clubs and organisations, our board of directors have decided we don't particularly believe in this strategy, and that the best route for us is to remain independent until such time that karate is united. We believe that those who participate in karate should be free to train wherever and with whomever they wish. Karate is a personal journey for each and everyone of those that want to be taught. We aim to help each student achieve their goals for practicing karate, taking into account their individual abilities and ambition.




We have a group of instructors who encompass the meaning of karate and who are known as the spine of the club. All the instructors we have are qualified, experienced and DBS checked black belts. We allow some individuals, who have not yet reached black belt, to help in classes as assistant instructors and use this to assess them for their ongoing black belt grading. Whilst assistant instructors are very well trained, they are not allowed to teach alone or unsupervised until they reach black belt and are qualified to teach unsupervised.

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Charlotte ,  2nd Dan, World Champion 2016

Charlotte,  2nd Dan, World Champion 2016


Our members currently vary from beginners to 5th dan black belts. We are a multicultural club and take pride in the fact that our members currently come from all over the world, a few examples include: Italy, France, Germany, and Sri Lanka to name a few.

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Zuzana , EKK Safeguarding Officer

Zuzana, EKK Safeguarding Officer


England Karate Kan Association acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and Child Protection in Sport Units requirements.

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